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What are the problems that may arise from reversing the positive and negative poles of a car emergency jump starter's battery clip?
For devices equipped with a high-current safety switch, when the switch is in the "OFF" position and the battery clips are reversed, the reverse connection indicator light will turn on, and the buzzer inside the jump starter will alarm. Please reconnect the alligator clips correctly.

When the switch is in the "ON" position, the alligator clips are already outputting power normally. Reversing the connection at this point may cause a fire or explosion.
How much power is lost when the battery of the jump starter is left unused? How long can a jump starter with an inverter be used when fully charged?
Batteries generally self-discharge at a rate of Ua current, which is a normal phenomenon. Therefore, it is recommended to perform charge and discharge maintenance every three months.

The discharge time for a jump starter with an inverter varies depending on the battery configuration and the electrical load. For detailed information on the battery's discharge time, please refer to the product specification.

The discharge time can be calculated using the following formula: Battery voltage * Battery AH / Discharge power * 0.8. For example, if the battery voltage is 12V, the capacity is 20AH, and the discharge power is 100W, the discharge time would be approximately 1.92 hours. However, the amount of electricity discharged will be less with a higher discharge current, and the discharge time will be correspondingly shorter.
What is the size of a car jump starter? How long can a fully charged jump starter last, and how do I choose a different model for cars with different engine displacements?
The battery capacity of car jump starter products varies from 12V 6AH to 12V 22AH due to different external dimensions.
As different car models have different starting currents even with the same engine displacement, please choose a product with a starting current greater than the car's starting current to ensure that the car can be started more easily.
Will the portable power station heat up during use? Is it safe? What is the temperature range for using it?
It's normal that the product generates slight heat when powering high-power loads. To make sure the product can cool down through the internal fans during use, please do not block the vent. The temperature range for using the product is 32℉-104℉(0-40°C).
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