Smart Charger Series

It is suitable for charging and maintaining 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries and 12V lithium iron phosphate batteries;

Suitable for all kinds of motorcycles, automobiles, toy cars, scooters, battery cars, charging and maintenance;

The charging current of this series of chargers can choose 2A(LC-2256), 3A(LC-2257), 4A(LC-2258);

Different charging rates can be selected according to the battery capacity. Suitable for lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 3AH-50AH.

Product features

Support OV ultra-low battery voltage to start charging, intelligent control pulse, high-voltage mode to activate the vulcanized battery, which can effectively repair and maintain the deeply deprived battery;

It adopts MCU microprocessor to control the 5-stage charging mode, charging enough but without overcharging;

With overcharge protection function, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, over temperature protection, overload protection, safer to use;

The shell adopts IP65 waterproof design, which is better protected and safer to use.

Product parameters
AC input voltage90Vac~132Vac/185Vac~264Vac90Vac~132Vac/185Vac~264Vac90Vac~132Vac/185Vac~264Vac
AC input frequency47Hz~63Hz47Hz~63Hz47Hz~63Hz
AC input power40W56W75W
Battery voltage (optional)6V,12V6V,12V6V,12V
Battery type(optional)SLA AGM GEL LithiumSLA AGM GEL LithiumSLA AGM GEL Lithium
Charging power30W45W60W
Charging voltage range0~15.5Vdc0~15.5Vdc0~15.5Vdc
Charging current2A3A4A
Charging voltage14.7V/7.35V14.7V/7.35V14.7V/7.35V
Light switching current0.4A0.5A0.5A
Float charging voltage13.65V/6.8V13.65V/6.8V13.65V/6.8V
Overload protectionYESYESYES
Short circuit protectionYESYESYES
Reverse polarity protectionYESYESYES
Operating temperature0℃~40℃0℃~40℃0℃~40℃