Battery Charge and discharge Tester

LC-2810 is a new generation of super charging and discharging integrated machine, which integrates high-precision capacity discharge test, ordinary three-stage charging, and water maintenance charging. The charging current reaches 30A, and the discharging current reaches 30A. Two operation modes: simple mode and expert mode to meet different needs of users. Enhanced the optional cycle mode, the number of cycles is up to 50 times! 6 working modes are optional: discharge 

Mode, charge mode, and cycle mode; among them, the cycle mode has 4 options: start with discharge and end with discharge, start with charge and end with discharge, start with discharge and end with charge, and start with charge and end with charge. 

LC-2810 is a high-precision special instrument suitable for battery testing by battery manufacturers, after-sales service points and electric vehicle manufacturers and dealers. 

Product features

Simple to set up and easy to understand.

Rich display content.

Low charging noise and low discharging power consumption.

Removable dust-proof filter net cover.

Quiet operation and long life.

Parameters are automatically saved.

Product parameters
Maximum   discharge power from five stations3000W
Maximum   charge power from five stations3450W
Maximum   sigle charge or discharge time90 hours
Maximum   single test capacity999Ah
Discharge   current accuracy±5%
Discharge   voltage accuracy±0.1V
Discharge   test termination voltage2V-20V
Discharge   rated load current0.5-30A
Charge   current accuracy±5%
Charging   voltage accuracy±0.1V
Minimum   charging voltage7.0V
Maximum   charging voltage23V
Recharging   current0.5~30A
Charge   and float charge conversion conditionsSwitch into float charge after   3.5 hours at constant voltage charging
Discharge   current0.5A-30A constant current,   current can be adjusted at 0.1A
Charging   current0.5A~30A constant current,   current can be adjusted at 0.1A
Number   of cycles0~50 times(LC-2183 has this   function)
Discharge   termination voltageCan be adjusted at 2V~20V, 0.1V   can be adjusted at each level
Charging   constant voltage7.0V-23V,ca be adjusted at 0.1V   at each level